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African lion


This book presents a selection of photographs of wild animals. The pictures are part of the Fine Art collection that can be found on this website.

Cover Costa Rica 2023.jpg


This wildlife photography book shows the photographs I took on a trip to Costa Rica in May 2023. On this trip I had the opportunity to photograph some of the most beautiful and iconic animals in Central America.

Polar bear

The inhospitable kingdom of the

Polar bears 

In August of 2022 I embarked on a thrilling adventure, to circumnavigate for 10 days the Svalbard archipelago, in the Arctic Sea, searching for wildlife and, specifically, to photograph the largest predator on the earth, the majestic polar bear.

Mountain gorilla


During the summer of 2021 I had the exciting opportunity to travel across Uganda in search of the African iconic apes: the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees, besides other wild animals. 10 days full of experiences discovering unique places and outstanding people.

Polar brear

NANUQ The great white one

In August 2023 I took a 10-day photography trip to the west of Hudson Bay, in the state of Manitoba in the center of Canada. My goal was to enter the inaccessible kingdom of the polar bear, live for a few days the experience of being surrounded by oceans of tundra and boreal forests, and ultimately photograph the largest terrestrial predator on the planet. In this book I try to summarize the most notable aspects of that trip and accompany it with the photographs I was able to take of both the wild animals and their surroundings.

Brown bear


At the end of April 2024 I took a trip to the heart of Finland to photograph its wildlife. Surrounded by endless forests decorated with the last snows of the year, I was lucky enough to be able to observe up close some of the most beautiful animals in the Scandinavian country.

Iberian lynx

IBERIAN LYNX The return of the Gato Clavo

In the spring and summer of 2024, I visited the Sierra de Andújar, southern Spain, on several occasions with the aim of photographing the mystical and elusive Iberian lynx in its natural habitat. The Sierra de Andújar is one of the most prolific enclaves to observe the most endangered feline on the planet.

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